Here at Bowes Pre-school we are committed to providing a high quality pre-school environment for children to play and learn together.

We believe that:-

* Children are active learners; children learn best through play and through a wide range of activities and experiences.  At Pre-school children begin to experience and learn about the world around them and how to cope with life's many excitements and challenges.

* We recognise that parents are their child's first educators and as such children have already learned a huge variety of skills at home which we then further build upon within the social environment here at Pre-school.  Open and honest communications between staff and the child's parents/carers are crucial to help to enhance a child's education.

* When children feel happy and secure they are confident to explore and to try out new things. Secure relationships away from parents/carers are crucial to a child's well-being, each child is nutured as an individual her at Pre-school and we value and incorporate all aspects of children's lives, building a strong partnership with community and future schools.

* We offer a wide range of educational opportunities tailored to each child's abilities and provide experiences that enrich each child's personal, social, emotional, physical, intellectual, cognitive and creative abilities, all underpinned by the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS).

* We are committed to providing positive role models for the children in our care.  We advocate a sense of belonging and strive to develop self-esteem through; fun, love, respect, teamwork and equality.  We celebrate our success with a great pride and we constantly strive for improvement.

* It is our intention to make our Pre-school accessible to children and families from all sectors of the community.  All children within the Pre-school are treated equally regardless of race, religion, culture, language, gender, ability or disability.

OPEN MONDAY TO FRIDAY 8.45am to 3.15pm
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