What does my child need to bring to Pre-school?

We use our outside area every day and in all weathers, so your child will always need weather appropriate clothing, e.g. a warm coat, a hat and gloves in the winter, a sun hat and plenty of sun cream in the summer.  During cold weather we recommend that you dress your child in layers rather than one thick jumper as this makes regulating their body temperature much easier.

If your child is in nappies they will also need to bring to Pre-school a changing bag complete with nappies and wipes, etc

All children need a FULL change of clothes each session in case of little accidents or messy play.  During potty training a spare pair of shoes is also essential!  All our toilets are designed for small children and we have steps as well to ensure that even our smallest children can be independent.

You are welcome to leave changing bags on your child's peg at the end of the session.

How do I pay my fees?

All fees are payable during the first two weeks of each half term and can be paid by cash, cheque or by bank transfer.

If for any reason you have any trouble paying, please speak to Nicky as soon as possible, as we cannot afford to let fees remain un-paid without prior agreement.  If you fall more than 2 weeks in arrears then unfortunately you will be jeopardising your child's place at Pre-school and it may be offered to another child on the waiting list.  A minimum of 4 weeks notice is required should your child no longer require their place.

Do I pay fees when my child is not at Pre-school?

Yes, fees are payable during term time for all the sessions your child is booked in for.  If your child is sick or on holiday then fees will still need to be paid as our running costs remain the same.  We can however deduct holidays if we are given advance notice of this.

What do I do if my child is sick?

If your child is taken ill whilst at Pre-school we will contact you if we feel it is necessary for you to collect your child early.  This of course depends on how serious the illness seems.  If your child is poorly at home, please contact the Pre-school to check exclusion/incubation periods.

If I am concerned about my child can I ring the Pre-school?

Yes!  We welcome telephone calls from parents at any time.  Our number is 01833 628052.

Funded places

All children are entitled to 15 hours free Pre-school education from the term after they turn three.  Funding is also available for 2 year olds, and 30 hours funding, subject to terms and conditions.  For further information please speak to Nicky or visit www.durham.gov.uk/3and4yearplaces

Am I able to book additional sessions?

Yes, you are able to book additional sessions as long as we have available spaces.  We work on a strict staff to child ratio and are limited to the number of children who can attend at any one time.  We will always try to meet your needs.  Please speak to Nicky or Ruthie to see if we have any availability.  If you wish to decrease your child's sessions/hours then we ask that you give us at least half a term's notice.

If my child has an accident at Pre-school, will I be told?

Yes, if your child has an accident whilst in our care and receives an injury, no matter how minor, you will always be told.  All injuries are recorded in our Accident record file; entries list the time and date of the accident, nature of the injury, what treatment, if any, was carried out and by whom.  When you pick your child up at the end of a session you will be asked to sign the file to agree that you have been told about the accident and your are content with how the matter was handled.

We also ask that if your child has had an accident or injury at home or on their way to Pre-school, however minor, that you please let a member of staff know on arrival so that the accident or injury can be recorded as an existing injury, and so that we know about it should your child become upset about it later in the day.

Can we park in the school car park?

For health and safety reasons there is no allocated parking on the school site for parents of the school and Pre-school (except for blue badge holders).  Please park on the main street and use the footpaths to access the Pre-school.

Buggies can be left outside the Pre-school during session times; however, we recommend a rain cover to protect the buggy in inclement weather.

Food Allergens

We serve a mixture of fruit, vegetables, dairy and grain products to the children at snack time, some of which may also contain sesame seeds or nut traces.  Our registration forms ask you about any dietary requirements you may have for your child; please keep us informed if your child develops any allergies so we can ensure they are provided with snack items.

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