Lunches and Snack

Lunch time

  • Bowes Hutchinson’s School plans the menus and cooks its own meals in the school kitchen (provided by Taylor Shaw). The freshest produce is used, with locally reared meat and the minimum of processed food.
  • Children are encouraged to enjoy mealtimes and to be adventurous in their choice of food, but will never be forced to eat anything they do not want. There is always a vegetarian option on the menu and special diets can be catered for.
  • Staff always sit with the children during lunchtime, a family atmosphere and good table manners are encouraged.




  • A snack is provided for the children every day – e.g. fruit, cheese and biscuits, bread, crackers.
  • The snacks are healthy, nutritious, varied and often multi-cultural.  Free school milk is available to the children.
  • Any profit from snack money goes towards extra resources such as jigsaws or books.
  • The children have access to drinking water and fresh fruit throughout each session from the snack table.

  • Unfortunately, for obvious reasons, children are not allowed to bring food or sweets from home into Pre-School.




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