Bowes Pre-school 100 Club - a chance to win upto £50 per month !

  • Bowes Pre-School is a charity and we run fundraising events throughout the year to raise much needed funds to provide facilities and equipment for the children at the Pre-School.
  • By joining the 100 club you can help Bowes Pre-School as well as having a chance to win a cash prize.
  • There is a draw every month and the winning prize is divided into three prizes and will be publicised in the Pre-School monthly newsletter and on the Pre-School Website.
  • The winner will receive a cheque within two weeks of the draw and it will be sent to the last notified address.
  • The prizes are :-
  • 1st - £50
  • 2nd - £25
  • 3rd - £10
  • Each member pays £4 a month for their number.
  • This can be paid for by a yearly payment of £48 or a standing order can be set up for £4 a month.
  • You may have more than one number a month.
  • Interested?
  • Please click on the application form and fill in with your details and you will be allocated numbers.
  • Please return to Bowes Pre School, Woodpecker Lodge, Bowes, Barnard Castle, Co Durham.

OPEN MONDAY TO FRIDAY 8.45am to 3.15pm
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