Free Stay & Play Session

  • At Bowes Pre-school we appreciate that choosing your childs school or nursery is a worrying and stressful time. We all want the best for our children. At Bowes Pre-School we are fortunate that we have a new building and new facilities for your child to play with, in a loving and caring environment.
  • Also, Bowes Pre-school will help your child with the simple transition from Bowes Pre-school to Bowes Hutchinson's School, as your child will mix daily at lunch times and play times with the older children, encouraging familiarity with the school staff and routines.  For those who will not be attending Bowes Hutchinson's School it helps them get used to having their lunch in a School enviroment and how it feels to have dinner ladies and school meals.
  • We want you to have the opportunity to see for yourselves the fantastic facilities we have at Bowes Pre-school - which is why we are offering you a chance to bring your child along for a Free Stay and Play Session



  • All we request is that you give us a call on 01833 628052 to so we can arrange a convenient time for your visit.









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