Parents and Carers

At Bowes Pre-School we value all support, as we understand how important it is in creating the best possible environment for your child. Many of our parents are members of the Pre-School Committee.

All parents are encouraged to have an input and involvement in the Pre-School and we welcome parents and grandparents in to help with the children’s activities.

OFSTED stated that ‘staff are continually looking for new and innovative ways to work together with parents and share as much information as possible.  Parents say that they receive lots of clear information about their children's progress and development and feel very involved in their child's learning while at the Pre-School.  They speak very highly of the progress their children make, particularly in their communication and language and their social skills.  As well as ongoing daily exchanges of information, parents are invited to meet with their child's key person to discuss their child's progress and ideas of how they can extend their learning at home.  These highly successful partnerships mean that staff and parents are continually learning from each other to support and extend children's learning and development".


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