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Elearning Developer

Elearning Developer

An eLearning developer does more than merely teach content. Elearning courses need to build a professional and happy work culture. Liam Crest offers courses that engage your employees, reducing risk while building a wealth of knowledge.

What is eLearning development?

Elearning development is more than simply the process of teaching content, it is the process of building cultures and professionals. Your development course should:

  • Impart the skills needed to succeed
  • Account for every member in your organization
  • Engage and not just teach
  • Be more than a testing platform
  • Create the content and courses you need

Liam Crest has over 15 years of experience in the field. Our work with nonprofits helps them reach a unique client base with training that engages all types of learners.

Impactful eLearning

Coursework seeks to impart skills. Simple memorization is not enough to reach your target audience. You need to provide real-life skills. Learning involves knowledge and processes.

We reach beyond the textbook with skills identified from a lifetime of experience and over a decade in the field. Your employees leave our courses with the knowledge and procedures they need to succeed.

More than a testing platform

Your courses must be more than a testing platform. Consider the impact of sexual harassment in an age where employees take training courses regularly. The US government alone continues to lose more than $100 million every year with an average lawsuit costing $25000.

The Liam Crest difference is a commitment to real world experience. Scenarios and a diversity help us impart more than information on your employees.

How should my professional development content look?

The content you provide makes a difference. You must account for everyone. Our black-owned business employing people of all races and backgrounds seeks to build an experience that everyone learns from.

Our company understands the complexities of the modern workforce. We impart this knowledge in everything from our material to our websites.

Diverse learning

Diversity is one of the major drawbacks to professional development. Many training courses need to account for different cultures. In a world where H1B1 visas and diversity are on the increase, you need your employees to understand the quilt of American society.

Our group leaders and developers come from a large variety of backgrounds. We teach each other about the importance of inclusivity and impart this knowledge on your organization to build a happy and knowledgeable workplace. Training should work for everyone.

Inclusive eLearning Developer

The world is becoming more productive as inclusivity is non the rise. Your non-profit or commercial company needs to understand the value of every employee in the workplace and during your training. Liam Crest provides engaging content that captivates every trainee.

We seek to bring understanding to the workplace to build bonds and a culture that helps guarantee success. Engaging content and more than a test make who we are. Get in touch with the professionals at Liam Crest or visit our website for more information today. Call 312 801 0900.

Elearning Developer

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